This is part of a whole solar-system model that spans central Florida.

Venus ♀

Venus is the second planet from the Sun, after Mercury and before Earth. Its diameter is 12,104km. Venus’s orbital distance from the Sun is 108,208,930km or 0.72AU or 6.0 light-min.

The model of Venus is 15.6cm in diameter, and is 1399.25m distant from the fountain dome in Lake Eola Park

Venus has no moons, and rotates opposite to every other planet in the solar system. Its surface is a burning hot desert, even in the night side. The average temperature of its surface is 462°C; because of a runaway greenhouse effect. It’s double Mercury’s distance away from the sun, and receives 1/4th the solar heat, but Venus’s dense carbon-dioxide atmosphere catches and holds that energy.

Model sites and proposed sites