This is part of a whole solar-system model that spans central Florida.

Mars ♂

Mars is “the red planet”, and a good candidate for the next planet Humans might live on. It’s the fourth planet from the Sun, after Earth and before the asteroid belt, Ceres and then Jupiter. Mars’ diameter is 6771km. Its average orbit distance from the Sun is 228,000,000km, or 1.52AU, or 13 light-min .

The model of Mars is 8.8cm in diameter, and is about 2947.47m distant from the fountain dome in Lake Eola Park

Mars has two moons. Phobos is 22km in diameter, which makes it 0.29mm in the model, orbiting Mars at about 9380km away, or 12.1cm away in the model. Demios is 12km in diameter, which makes it 0.16mm in the model, about the size of a mote of dust. Its orbital distance from Mars is 23,460km or about 30.4cm from the model Mars.

Model sites and proposed sites